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Guillermo Arcaya




Carla Carolina Pimentel




Matthew James Kuhn



Growing up in Venezuela, a country where the political and social situation is constantly changing Guillermo Arcaya developed his technique watching Stanley Kubrick's “A Clockwork Orange”. The violence portrayed in that film, and the psychological reaction due to the director’s vision made Guillermo realize the powerful tool filmmakers had; sending a message that hopefully impacts life as we know it. 

Nowadays films rely too much on the trending and technology rather than deep and meaningful stories to create emotions. That’s the reason why his work has a huge influence from 1930s, 40s & 50s. Moreover, as a musician Guillermo became really interested in music videos, as a place where he can combine narrative stories with visual freedom that some films lack.

Pursuing his BFA in Motion Pictures & Television in Academy of Art University led him into a freelancing career in the film industry working for BBC, Snippies, Canal Futura in Brazil among others. His desire for growing in this hyper-competitive business caused him to create Trickshot Productions, an independent film company based in the Bay Area and Miami Beach to specialize in creating Films and Music Videos. 

Carla was raised always surrounded by TV productions. With countless movies constantly at her disposal it's no surprise that the producer's environment is her home. 'Lights, Camera, Action!' cables everywhere and with her family full of artists she gravitated towards that world. The peculiarities of human psychology is an aspect she adds to her work. Miami born and raised, she attended University of Miami, where she obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Communications. In Czech Republic she completed her Master’s Degree of Directing Motion Pictures, while she worked internationally in several collaborative projects, as well as many of her own, where she has had a repertoire of roles. She has worked as a Supporting Actress in Skybound (2017), a feature film shot in Cologne, Germany. A few of her own directoral works include a short feature ‘Subtle Control,’ ‘Emma,’ and ‘Autumn.’


At Sobe Brooke Studios, Carla worked with the production team as Production Coordinator, Second AC, and Editor on different projects. She was also deeply involved in the production company by reading, doctoring and breaking down scripts for production. She researched, and helped prepare proposals for investors, working with the team on preparing shoots. As well as working on the development and pre-production of various projects in TV, Print Advertising and Film, like the documentary film 'Indie to the Masses,’ as the Unit Production Manager.

Matthew James Kuhn was born and raised in the mecca of the film industry: Los Angeles, California. His grandpa from Guatemala came to America seeking refuge and found work at a printing shop, in which he would print out movie posters, Matthew grew up listening to his grandpa or ‘Papa’ tell him the stories about the posters he made. He would explain with emotional detail of what the movies were about - as if he was the one making them. This gave Matthew the inspiration he needed at a young age to be obsessed with the art of telling stories from one single look at a picture. 


Matthew is an alum of the Academy of Art University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a specialty in cinematography. There his passion for film evolved by spending countless hours in the Equipment room at the school working with the best cameras such as the Alexa and the Red. Experimenting with colleagues he won awards including “Boxes” which won best scene at the NxtUp Film Festival as director. He also won the most popular short film award for a film that he shot, directed, and wrote “The Man in The Trunk”. 


Outside of his studies Matthew has worked on several high end commercial productions for companies such as FreeThink Media - a documentary company that investigates new technologies and how those advances may be implemented in our future, Lucid Auto Motors - a high end electric automobile company that will be releasing their new brand come the end of October, and Cisco - a multinational conglomerate based in Silicon Valley. He is working on a podcast called “That’s A Stretch”. 

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