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Friendship and Money… Oil and Water…

I can get easily excited by The Godfather (1972) telling the story of the man who

makes possible the sort of justice that the law can't provide. The delicate atmosphere that the opening scene has is remarkable; lighting, dialogue and facial expression that Marlon Brandon shows in his role as Vito Corleone; The head of one of the most dangerous mafias from New York. Moreover, I can see that a lot of the people around him considered it that the Godfather’s methods are out of morality. It’s unlikely not to feel empathy for Vito when I see him so wise and worry about the future of his family.

His values are a perfect example of honor and respect. He never had an enemy that Vito hadn't given respect to.

In my opinion, It's amazing but sad how Vito's family fell apart. Like in the case of Sonny, when I saw his anger through his eyes I could see that his time had come. I imagined myself as Sonny, unarmed and completely lost. It makes me wonder what Sonny's thoughts were?. Did he know that after the attempt against father they would come for him?

I feel like the transformation of Michael will always be mysterious for the public.

Even though we do know how Michael lost his first wife in an explosion, definitely that was one of the main reasons why he started to become more and more likely to be his father. I felt like maybe Michael didn't know how to keep in balance his life as a father and head of his family and the business. Eventually, it seems to me that the sweet and good Michael that we can see at the beginning of the movie disappeared after seeing his Sicilian wife blown up in a million pieces through his eyes. I'm sure that in his mind he tells himself; "I will play by their rules".

The lighting to me it's something that supports it in terms of composition.Since a big part of the film takes place in Vito's office, there's almost always a closed window and tiny lamps made the character’s sort of dark but illuminating their faces just enough to see their expression. I could have appreciated different moods during the movie.

Since the deep and dramatic conversations that Vito has with Michael about the future of the family and the violence from Sonny toward his brother-in-law and sister's husband who constantly beat her.

I would have expected nothing but revenge from Vito, but even when his

heart was broken for the loss of one of his sons what he did was be wiser than

everyone. He called for peace, as far as nobody tried anything against him. They did and they perished.

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