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The Life of Others is an exploration of how an ambiguous, lonely and a mysterious character, NAMELESS, who through the excessive use of addictive black substance provided by a peculiar, personification of the devil loses himself in the loop of allowing others to accomplish their most selfish yet genuine desires by taking over their bodies for a little while.


What is this funding for?

It would help us complete the post-production phase and reach out to different audiences, domestic and international, through the film festivals circle and independent screening distribution.


Most of the people involved in the project come from different background, nationalities and social/financial situation but we have been able to become almost like a family towards our common love for real cinema.

We believe that by watching the film itself and diving into what the characters are going through you will hopefully find yourself relating to one or multiple characters. There is no formula for a good story but I believe mine is real and honest, making it a real experience for the audience.

About this project timeline

  • Write, rewrite, develop and finalize the Script January - April 2020

  • Hire Cast and Crew April - May 2020

  • Production Meetings May - July 2020

  • Lock Locations and Dates August  - September 2020

  • Acquire film and equipment/rentals September 2020

  • Prepare Actors/Rehearsals October- November 2020

  • Gather Props October - November 2020

  • Fittings for Wardrobe November 2020

  • Film Tests November 2020

  • Film Production December 2020

  • Return Rentals December 2020

  • Apply for all grants possible to finalize the budget December 2020 -February 2021

  • Editing Behind The Scenes: March 2021

  • Crowdfunding Campaign Launching  April 2022

  • Get the film developed June 2022

  • Digitalize the footage June 2022

  • Editing - July 2022

  • Sound Design July 2022

  • Music Scoring August 2022

  • Color Correction August 2022

  • VFX & Final Touches August 2022

  • Promote the film through various platforms September 2021 to October 2022

  • Submit  to film festivals  November 2022

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